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A properly orchestrated drug and alcohol intervention with All In Interventions is a proven way to start the healing process and get your loved one or co-worker the help they need. Through the loving testimonials of friends, family, and the people who care, the individual is shown the detrimental impact of their behavior and how it affects those around them. With the help of a highly qualified drug & alcohol interventionist, family members and loved ones are given the tools necessary to help the addict receive addiction treatment and recovery in a compassionate and effective way.
Dealing with a loved one who is abusing prescription drugs or alcohol can be frustrating and painful. While we know them to be good people, their actions can hurt and cause shame in the people who love them. In most cases, the addict is unaware of how much control the substance or behavior has over them and become defensive when faced with a drug and alcohol intervention.

This is the disease of addiction, and it is an extremely difficult situation for friends and family who are forced to sit on the sidelines and watch as the addict destroys themselves. People who are not addicts have no way of understanding-we at All In Interventions have been there, and we are here to help your loved one receive safe and effective addiction treatment and recovery!

Drug Interventionist

For seventeen years, Todd Zalkins (a renowned Orange County Drug & Alcohol Interventionist and Public Speaker) lived in the thralls of prescription painkiller addiction. As a recovering drug addict, Todd has in-depth experience with the heartbreak and suffering that both the drug or alcohol addict and their family go through. In 2009 he published his memoir “Dying for Triplicate“- the book has helped thousands of people find addiction treatment and recovery worldwide.

Drug and Alcohol Intervention

Today, the most important thing for Todd is to lead other prescription drug addicts to a path of addiction treatment and recovery. Using his own harrowing past he is able to approach the drug or alcohol addict and family unit with compassion and understanding, and impressing upon the sufferer that they can achieve sobriety and live a happy and meaningful life.

Todd’s personal recovery for alcoholism and drug addiction is based upon working a rigorous 12-step program. As a certified interventionist and drug & alcohol counselor he now travels the country to help drug and alcohol addicts deal with their addictions by not only getting them into treatment, but developing an intense post-treatment plan to help ensure long term sobriety.

In 2017, ”The Long Way Back” the Story of Todd Zman Zalkins” a feature length documentary film will be screening at festivals nationwide, and ultimately streaming on Amazon or Netflix later in the year (www.thelongwaybackfilm.com) He has also appeared on Fox 11 News multiple times to discuss the growing problem of prescription drug and alcohol addiction in the U.S.



Addiction is a Disease

Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease and those who are addicts are in desperate need of help. Without help finding safe and effective drug addiction treatment and recovery, they cannot stop until the substance or behavior completely destroys their lives or kills them…however, there is hope.

A professional drug and alcohol intervention and one of our highly experienced interventionists will open the door to recovery and spare much suffering for all involved. If your loved one has a drug or alcohol addiction problem and you would like to find out more how All In Interventions can help, call or email us immediately for more information. Addiction treatment and recovery is attainable. Contact us here to learn more.

Todd Zalkins Featured in the OC Weekly 2014 People Issue!